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Posted on 01/24/2023

Emotional Support for Kids With Learning Disorders

When a child has a learning disorder, getting the right help is crucial to their academic success. But it’s easy to forget that kids with learning challenges also need support around mental health. They may struggle with anxiety at school, worry about how their peers perceive them or get demoralized from working so hard to keep up.

This week on we’re rounding up resources on supporting the emotional needs of kids with learning disabilities. We have advice on how to help kids talk about how they learn, and tips for keeping learning challenges from interfering with their friendships. And because early struggles in school can take a toll on children’s self-esteem, we have ideas for building their confidence and helping them handle frustration.

– Hannah Sheldon-Dean, Managing Editor

Supporting the Emotional Needs of Kids With Learning Disabilities

Signs your child might be struggling, and how to help.

How to Help Kids Talk About Learning Disabilities

Opening up is hard, but the rewards can be huge.

Social Challenges of Kids With Learning Problems

Learning challenges can affect how kids communicate and connect with peers.

How to Support Young Kids Who Are Struggling in School

Bolstering self-esteem and frustration tolerance will help them stay positive.

What Is an Educational Therapist?

Professionals who work one-on-one with kids who have learning challenges.


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