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Budget Committee

Committee Purpose: To meet at least on a quarterly basis, to review financial reports, create annual budgets, and receive, review and submit (with recommendations) committee funding requests and stakeholder grant applications to the Board for consideration. The Committee shall present financial reports to the Board.  ?

For more information about budget and funding for the Sylmar Neighborhood Council please contact George Ortega, Treasurer at:[email protected] 

At the beginning of each fiscal year, the Mayor and Council appropriate money for Certified Neighborhood Councils for costs related to the functions, operations and duties of being a Certified Neighborhood Council. Such functions, operations, and duties include but are not limited to, meeting and office space, office equipment, computers, supplies, and communications, such as costs associated with newsletters, postage, or printing written materials. At the discretion of each NC and as approved by the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE), all or part of the money so appropriated may be used for neighborhood improvement projects.

Each Certified Neighborhood Council that receives funding shall be required to account for its expenditures pursuant to the Plan (Article III, Section 2(d))


Funding Requests

The Sylmar Neighborhood Council has limited funds available as an outreach tool to benefit the people of Sylmar. These funds are from your tax dollars distributed to the Neighborhood Council by the City of Los Angeles.
A service organization may request funding consideration by completing a Request Form.
Please submit your REQUEST FORM
at least 3 MONTHS in advance of the planned event or project. This time is needed to gather information regarding your event or project, for the appropriate Committee and the Board of Directors to discuss and consider whether to allocate funds, to prepare our documentation and to ensure with the City that the Neighborhood Council has funds available to allocate for your event or project if the Neighborhood Council chooses to do so.
Funding requests made at General Board Meetings without first having been made to the appropriate Committee are not likely to be considered for funding until the request has been made to the Committee. Funds can never be allocated for events or projects that have already occurred.

Funding Consideration Process:

  1. Click the “REQUEST FORM” link to download and print a copy of the Funding Request Form.
  2. Complete and submit an original paper copy of the signed Funding Request Form by U.S.. Mail to Sylmar Neighborhood Council, Funding Request, P.O. Box 921023, Sylmar, CA 91392-1023. Please email George Ortega, Treasurer, at [email protected] that you have sent the forms, so that he will know to look for them. (The City of Los Angeles does not accept e-mailed Funding Request Forms.)
  3. The appropriate Committee, at one of its monthly public Meetings which you and/or another representative of your organization are expected to attend, may discuss and possibly vote on whether to recommend that the Board of Directors allocate funds. Only the Board can allocate funds, not the Committee.
  4. If the appropriate Committee votes to recommend allocating funds, the Board of Directors, at one of its monthly public Meetings which you and/or another representative of your organization are expected to attend, may discuss and possibly vote on whether to allocate funds. (Two levels of the Neighborhood Council consider allocating funds: first, the appropriate Committee, which does not allocate funds but can recommend to the Board of Directors to allocate funds, and second, the Board of Directors.)
  5. Additional information that is helpful to include in your funding request


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May 17, 2017
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