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Bylaws Committee

Committee Purpose:

The Bylaws Committee is responsible for reviewing and recommending amendments to the governing documents of the Sylmar Neighborhood Council, including but not limited to Bylaws, Code of Conduct/Civility and Board Rules.

Committee Chair - Diane Valencia
[email protected]

Committee Members
Bonnie Bernard, David Gonzales, Patricia Rau

Meeting Date / Time
The Bylaws Committee currently meets as needed, with meetings typically occurring on the 4th Tuesday of each month.


Current Issues

On an ongoing basis, the Bylaws Committee reviews all governing documents and makes recommendations to the Board based on its findings.  For more information or questions regarding the SNC Bylaws or other governing documents, please email the Committee Chair, Diane Valencia at  [email protected] 


Meetings (Agendas, Minutes, Documents)

Meeting Agenda
Nov 06, 2018
Meeting Agenda
Aug 28, 2018
Meeting Minutes
Aug 28, 2018
Meeting Agenda
Mar 27, 2018
Meeting Minutes
Mar 19, 2018
Meeting Minutes
Feb 27, 2018
Meeting Agenda
Jan 23, 2018
Meeting Minutes
Jan 23, 2018
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