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Homeless Services Committee

Committee Purpose

The radically increasing number of Sylmar stakeholders experiencing homelessness impacts the community and the quality of life of sheltered and unsheltered stakeholders. The City of Los Angeles is making the issue of homelessness and its impact, a high priority for action and funding. It is this committee’s desire to work with our government officials, non-profit, and public agencies to the benefit of all stakeholders of Sylmar; to assist the Sylmar Neighborhood Council to communicate the needs and wishes of sheltered and unsheltered stakeholders with our elected officials, and see that services are made available in a fair and equitable manner in Sylmar. It is also the aim of this committee to educate and inform our stakeholders on this very complex issue, empowering and encouraging active participation in potential solutions to address the problem in a productive and humane way.

Meetings Date & Time

 All meetings are public and stakeholder input is encouraged.

Meetings are held the 2nd Monday of each month at 6:30 pm.


Paul Dumont- Chair
[email protected]

Barbara Winslow

Ann Job

Erin Ziliak

Sheldon Cabrera-Miller

George Ortega

Jennifer Castro

Olivia Diaz


Thank you to the many local Sylmar volunteers and to the over 8,600 registered volunteers across Los Angeles who helped the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority count our homeless neighbors in January 2018. 

The annual city and community level data provides key local data that guides cities and communities in their efforts to end homelessness in Los Angeles County. This data includes sheltered/unsheltered, youth count, and vehicles and makeshift shelter totals. This year the Count includes data for over 80 cities and 200 communities across Los Angeles County.

To see the 2018 local results follow the link below and then select "Sylmar" in the "Select a City/Community" from the drop-down menu -




Meetings (Agendas, Minutes, Documents)

Meeting Agenda
Dec 10, 2018
Meeting Agenda
Sep 10, 2018
Meeting Agenda
Aug 13, 2018
Meeting Agenda
Jul 09, 2018
Meeting Agenda
Jun 11, 2018
Meeting Agenda
May 14, 2018
Meeting Agenda
Apr 16, 2018
Meeting Agenda
Mar 12, 2018
Meeting Agenda
Feb 12, 2018
Meeting Agenda
Feb 01, 2018
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