Potholes - Report and/or Vehicle Damage repair

Posted on 02/09/2024

Report a pothole and how to seek repairs if your vehicle is damaged by a pothole.

If you see one, report it. - https://myla311.lacity.org/

Driving over a pothole can damage a tire, wheel rim, or axle; if the impact is severe enough, it can affect the vehicle’s suspension, undercarriage, body, or even its frame.

State law holds the government responsible for dangerous conditions on public property, but only if the government knew or should have known about them. So if you file a claim against a city, county, or state, you need to be prepared.

The City of Los Angeles is responsible for the potholes on the streets (but not highways).

LA City - https://clerk.lacity.gov/clerk-divisions/cps/file-claim

Los Angeles County is responsible for streets in unincorporated areas and in any area where LA City pays the county to maintain them.

LA County -  https://assets-us-01.kc-usercontent.com/0234f496-d2b7-00b6-17a4-b43e949b70a2/f8c087ee-b64a-4772-8c99-04ea8ee7e5fd/CountyofLosAngelesClaimForm.pdf

Caltrans is the state transportation department. They are responsible for potholes on federal and state highways.

Caltrans - https://dot.ca.gov/online-services/submit-damage-claim

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